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the “last one for the summer” edition

June 14, 2021

That was a great day. I know I say it often, but it’s true, that was a great day! Yesterday, I mean, Our celebration service of worship through music. So many participated. And so many were there! It was as if Premier Ford knew that we had planned this day and so the provincial government relaxed restrictions so that we could have people in the sanctuary (I know that’s not what happened, but it was still amazing to have people attending our service in person!).

True, the service did not run “glitch-free”. There still were – there still are – some areas of concern when it comes to the audio portion of our services. Those “in the building” hear things much more clearer – and with stronger sound – than do those who are watching the services streamed, particularly on the YouTube channel. The fact is, we are doing our best with the equipment that we have – equipment not made to do what we are pushing it to do. Glenn and David are doing an amazing job just to work with what we have. We need a more powerful computer, proper software, and a few more “bits” to make things work properly, but we have nowhere near the budget required to upgrade. We are working on it – thank you for your patience and for bearing with us.

As to the service itself . . . we knew that we had a talented group of people in our congregation (didn’t we?). We were definitely reminded of that as they shared the gifts and talents that God has given them with us in our service. Our young people – today’s leaders – have grown in grace and in confidence over the past years as you have supported and encouraged them. We are blessed.

So . . . thank you, “those who have been here” over the years, for allowing change to take place. It would be so easy to insist that things remain the same in our services and with our ministry as a church. I have not heard “there aren’t enough hymns” or “it’s too loud” . . . we have allowed the Spirit of God to move in our midst through a changing youth dynamic.

At the same time, thank you, “those who are newer here” for allowing consistency even as we desire God to work in our midst through change. It would be so easy to insist that definite changes must be made immediately if we are going be effective in ministry as a church. I have not heard “there are too many hymns” or “why are we still singing those old songs” . . . we have allowed the Spirit of God to move in our midst through the stability of those who are more mature in grace.

Far too often worship is seen as the music that is sung, and that comes to personal preference. This church – Trinity Church – is a place where we simply seek God, and allow Him to move in our hearts through traditional hymns and contemporary songs and vibrant singing that honours Him. Great things happen when we don’t push our own agendas but let Him speak to us in quietness and strength.

So . . . a great time of worship as some led in song and as the congregation joined in to sing as well. And again I say that it was so good to have people join us in the sanctuary. Attendance will continue to be limited to 15% of the sanctuary’s capacity for the foreseeable future, but as vaccinations continue the allowable number will rise (we’re focussing on “attendance”, not “limited”).


Thanks to Nadine for being our photographer for the day (pictures are available in our print edition).


We did take “just a moment” in our service to honour Chloe, who is graduating from Canterbury High School and who will, in the fall, attend York University to study for a degree in Honours Neuroscience.

Chloe became part of the Trinity congregation through the Children’s Friendship Club that ran in past years, and has used her gifts and talents in the worship team in years since. We wish her God’s blessing and direction as she continues to serve Him.


Again this Wednesday evening we will meet to pray with and for one another in our “virtual” (ZOOM) prayer room. God hears our prayers, whether they are audible or silent . . . in fact, He wants to hear them! E-mail the church office for log-in information.


Sunday is Father’s Day. As we meet we’ll sing, we’ll share (Barb will share a tribute) . . . and in our message we’ll look at our call “to be” as children of the Heavenly Father . . . at why holiness is (or perhaps, should be) such a big deal to us. Why is it that we live as we do? Are we under duress? Are we afraid of disappointing Him? Are we just wanting to please Him? Some interesting questions to look at . . . our message: How Holy


We know that we have a fantastic worship team . . . but we at Trinity Church are also blessed to have an amazing ministry team (maybe you haven’t thought of it that way). Pastor Al is still part of the team, even though he is not able to lead as he once did. And even though they are not ordained elders/pastors yet, both Johania and Matt are searching for God’s direction for their lives and I consider them part of what we do, and am glad to work with them as they grow in grace.

This summer they will share preaching duties and lead our prayer times while I am away. They’ll be sharing “Summer Thoughts” Sundays through the end of July; when I return we’ll look at D Problems.


And this fall . . . Musical Evenings with JCL (Jesus Christ Living) . . .the group Johania, Emmanuelle, and Djaddley have formed. Circle the first Sunday evening of September (the 5th) as they lead in worship and praise from the sanctuary (the musical nights will be streamed on our YouTube channel and our Facebook site). There may be a Christmas Carol sing December 5th as well.


Thank you for your faithful and generous giving in support of our ministry at Trinity Church. We continue to receive our tithes and offerings through e-transfer at ottawatrinity@rogers.com and through the Canada Helps web site (click here).  You can also drop your tithe envelopes through the mail slot at the church or mail them to the church. Thank you!


Pam is our new “lawn care coordinator”. Note the designation: coordinator. She is going to be coordinating the cutting of the grass, not doing all the work herself. And if you would like to help out . . . well, it would be gratefully appreciated. Would you be willing to cut the grass once or twice through the summer? Let her know (or let me know and I’ll let her know). It would make life “nice” if those who can could do it a couple of times. She will create a list and let you know “your week”. Thanks!  

There are other needs in care of our building as well . . . some painting, some cleaning, some general maintenance. Contact Pierre if you’d like to help as we take care of the facility.


The Ottawa Giving Project (a partnership of the Alliance to End Homelessness and Respond Ottawa) is providing an opportunity for churches in our city to come together to support local agencies who serve Ottawa’s homeless and low income communities. COVID-19 has hampered the collection of donations by these agencies from the public due to their limited volunteer base and storage facilities. Meanwhile, homelessness in Ottawa has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Respond Ottawa is collecting, sorting and delivering new socks, new underwear and new personal hygiene items to these agencies (a full list of acceptable items can be found on their website). This will allow support agencies to open their clothing cupboards and share these items to those who need them. Click here for more information.


This will be the last Monday Musings until the fall, although Marg will keep us up to date through e-mail on church happenings through the summer.