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the Holy Week edition

April 11, 2022

It’s Monday. On Sunday Jerusalem had been turned upside down by the arrival of Jesus. The people had been stirred . . . moved . . . they were in an uproar . . . in turmoil . . . shaken . . . trembling with excitement because of the Triumphal Entry. The excitement was intense. And the buzz . . . what was to come?

We don’t know what happened at the beginning of Holy Week. Some teaching, perhaps. Some time spent with the disciples. Smiles hadn’t turned to frowns and cheers hadn’t turned to jeers. Yet.

By Holy (or Spy) Wednesday there is a growing sense of uncertainty and darkness. Then, Maundy Thursday . . . the betrayal and arrest. And Good Friday . . . the crucifixion and burial of Jesus (We know that it’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’. They didn’t). Finally Holy Saturday and the long wait for Sabbath to end.

Lent ends this week. We have gone through a time of discipline and self-denial so to create space in our lives so that we can “feast on the presence of Jesus” directly. Fasting ends, but perhaps God has shown some of the things (habits) that hold you and control you, things that hold you back from being all that He wants you to be. Continue to seek Him in the days ahead.


As to the Triumphal Entry . . . excitement and expectation bubbled over as Jesus neared Jerusalem. The crowd couldn’t control itself as people shouted Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in God’s name! Yes! The King of Israel! [John 12: 12-13a] And even though Jesus knew what was to come He continued on.

Many of the people around that day thought that He was riding into glory. He knew that He was heading down death row. He was the only one that knew it. But still . . . He continued on.

It was the “grand entrance” of the Messiah. As they defined Messiah. And people haven’t changed over the centuries. We still see Jesus as we want to see Jesus. Still today some consider Jesus a populist and suggest that if he were alive today he'd be hugging trees, saving whales, and helping the poor; others say that Jesus would be too busy standing up against an invasive government and would be protesting abortion laws.  Have they – have we – forgotten that Jesus did not come to earth to meet our expectations but came instead to meet our need?

“Revisit” yesterday’s service on our Facebook page (click here) and on our YouTube channel (click here), and download the sermon manuscript (click here).


Trinity Church is not hosting services through the week. Join us for our ZOOM prayer meeting Wednesday (e-mail the church for log-in information). The Bridlewood Church is hosting a Good Friday service at 10:30am.


Sunday is Easter Sunday. Resurrection Sunday. Celebration Sunday. New Life Sunday! The gloom and darkness – the pall – of the previous days has been chased away! With the disciples we rejoice that He is indeed Risen! With Paul we can say death is swallowed up in victory; ask O Death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory?, and remember that the sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law, giving thanks to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ [1 Corinthians 15:54-57]

Join us in the sanctuary as we sing of the Living Christ and of the hope that we now have because of His sacrifice. And if you do not feel comfortable joining with others in the congregation in person please join us through our Facebook feed (click here) or our YouTube feed (click here) – or link directly from our web site (click here). Please “check in” – let us know if you worship with us “live or delayed”. 


This month we will receive a special offering to support those who are sharing the Good News of Jesus around the world. Our Easter Offering is used to meet our World Evangelism Fund obligation. This year’s Easter Offering goal is to receive $3,000, giving that is over and above our regular giving/tithes and offerings. Thank you for your faithful support of our missionaries.

And thank you for your faithful support of the work we are trying to accomplish for Christ through what we do as a church . . . for giving generously of your tithes and offerings to the meet the needs of our local church. We continue to receive our tithes and offerings through e-transfer (ottawatrinity@rogers.com) and through the Canada Helps web site (click here).


Members of our church in North America have been called to prayer in a half million mobilization. The hope is that everyone who is part of our denomination will commit to pray for God’s protection, direction, and revelation. The prayer: to see renewal and revival in our churches.

To that end, we are Praying Our Way to Pentecost beginning Sunday, May 1 (through June 5). The dream of the Half-Million Mobilization is that we will experience unity as a region, that we will hear from the Spirit in our times of prayer, that we will share with each other what the Spirit is saying, and that we will discover His plans for our hope and future. A prayer journal has been developed to help us in our focus (download your copy from the main mailing page). A Holiness Today Special Edition devoted to prayer is also available (please e-mail the church to receive a copy). Print versions were made available but were sold out before we could order them.


We have begun to prepare for our yearly celebration of music and would like to invite everyone to participate. Talk with Matt if you would like to sing or share some prose/poetry/a story in our service June 5. Yes, it is Pentecost Sunday . . . so we’ll be filled with praise!


Also note . . . our Annual Meeting will follow our May 15 worship service . . . District Assembly will be a hybrid event again this year and will be streamed on the district YouTube channel as well as being in person at Rosewood Church in Scarborough June 10 . . . Pastor André of our Ottawa Haitian Church will have his credentials recognized by our denomination (he comes to us from the Mission Evangélique d'Haiti) . . . our June 12 worship service will tie in with the District “Family Reunion” service and will also be shown on the District YouTube channel (the sanctuary will be open for Trinity people to gather but we will broadcast the District Service) . . . the property committee will share a “spring cleaning needs” list; we ask that if you can you sign up for a cleaning need, to be completed at your convenience; this is instead of holding a work day . . . a pastoral transition team has been formed, made up of Barb, Emmanuelle, Matt, and Pierre; they will begin working with our District Superintendent in the days ahead and will be seeking input . . . a “transition handbook” is available on the district web site.