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the Thanksgiving Tuesday edition

October 12, 2021

Today I am thankful. I admit that I am not (known as) an expressive person (ask my family: there are times that they say that while I say life is bubbling up inside me it does not show on my face) . . . but I am thankful. I am thankful for the freedom I have in Christ Jesus. I am thankful for the freedom I have as a Canadian. I am thankful for my family, and I am thankful for my church family. I am thankful for small things like shuffling through the crackling leaves on a Monday afternoon and . . . well, I rejoice and am thankful for all I have and for all I am.

I do miss some things – I’ve mentioned some of them before. I miss seeing toothy grins and wide smiles. I miss hugs – waves of greeting just don’t do it for me. I miss going for coffee and talking – and understanding what is said (not trying to interpret what I may have missed because of a mask). I miss some things. But I have so much more. And today . . . I am truly thankful.

In our message yesterday (and I am thankful for our worship team – those who were with us and those who were not able to join us in our service) we looked specifically at an incident where thanks were given and thanks were not: at Luke 17, where we saw Jesus heal ten lepers but only one expressed thanks. Were the nine not thankful? Of course they were! They were just too caught up in their own lives that they didn’t think about returning to Jesus and saying so.

Our questions for reflection included these thoughts based on what Jesus does in and through and for us, and our response:

  • Do you recognize God’s voice when He speaks to you?
  • Do you believe enough to act when God is talking with you?
  • How often do you pray but then go on your (merry) way?
  • How often do you ask God for His direction and then do what you want to do anyway?
  • Why would you forget to or neglect to give thanks?
  • How can you live a more thankful and thank-filled life?

As it is every week, our service has been posted on our Facebook page (click here) and on our YouTube channel (click here). You can download the message from elsewhere on our web page (click here).

Twice a year – on Thanksgiving Sunday and on Easter Sunday – we receive a special offering to help support those who have gone into an uncomfortable world to share the good news of Jesus. Our “thank offering” (which we give on top of our regular tithes and offerings) goes to support our mission of sharing the Good News of Jesus – to make Christlike disciples in the world.

We hope to receive $1,550 in support of our mission work. Please feel free to give through the month. Thank you for your support of the work to make a difference for Jesus in the world.

This evening – our Together Tuesday evening – is our Bible study evening. We are looking at the words of Qoheleth (King Solomon) and the book of Ecclesiastes . . . tonight looking at chapter 2. Join us on ZOOM at 7:30: E-mail the church office for log-in information.

We continue to meet Wednesday evenings for a time of prayer together, though ZOOM: E-mail the church office for log-in information. Please feel free to join us as we unite our hearts to meet with God (and He with us).

This coming Sunday we’ll meet again, in person and on line, for our congregational worship time. Meeting together is something that has been done differently since the beginning of the pandemic, and will unfortunately continue to be done differently for the foreseeable future. COVID protocols are still, of course, in effect. We (all churches) are still restricted to attendance of no more than 30% of building capacity. As we at Trinity Church have not come close to that mark yet, everyone who feels comfortable doing so is free to join us in the building for our service (masked, of course). Those who do not feel comfortable can worship with us through Facebook (click here) or YouTube (click here). Drop a note to trinityconnects@rogers.com and let us know that you are with us!

As we gather this Sunday we’ll continue our fall series – Keys to Kingdom Living – and look at something that is difficult these COVID days – hospitality. From the beginning the Christian church has been known for caring about and for one another, and hospitality has been key. We are known for welcoming both strangers and friends, feeding the masses (potlucks are biblical!), and extending help as and when we can. This week’s “key”: inclusive hospitality. Join us at 11:00.

Our October book study leads us to Brant Hansen’s Blessed are the Misfits  Hansen reminds us that God is for and with us all . . . not just with the spiritually perfect (what great news!) but for all those who struggle, who question, who doubt, and who wonder. Order your copy from Chapters (click here) or from your favourite book store . . . and join us for a great evening of discussion next Tuesday evening.  

An Introductory Conversation on Caring for Creation

On Saturday October 30, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada will host a Zoom webinar titled An Introductory Conversation on Caring for Creation, beginning at 11:00 am. Speakers are:

  • Keasha Green, a graduate of Tyndale Seminary, who was contracted by NCM Canada to research the Biblical and theological foundation for creation care and to work with NCM Canada to incorporate care for creation as a theme across our ministry.
  • Milon Patwary, a long-time partner of NCM Canada in Bangladesh, who will share how caring for creation is a component of projects (funded by NCM Canada) initiated and implemented by local churches as they serve needs in their communities.
  • Yara Cristales, who will share resources created for supporters of NCM Canada and for local churches, missions groups, youth groups or other small groups that will inform, challenge, and motivate to action – to care for creation.
  • Trinity Church has been asked about sharing how our church cares for creation and lives out love for their neighbours in the communities surrounding the church through our community garden. It has fallen to me to speak.

All are welcome to “attend” the webinar. E-mail the church office for information on how.to register for this meeting.

Mark December 5 and (tentatively) January 9 on your calendar:

  • December 5 is a Christmas Carol sing – or, if we can’t “legally sing”, a Night of Christmas Music, with special song – and (of course!) carols.
  • January 9 JCL is “in concert”, sharing in music and leading in worship.

Our music celebrations will begin at 7:00 both evenings.

The theme of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries is Compassion as a Lifestyle. As followers of Jesus we do not want to be known for our compassionate acts as much as we want to be known for being compassionate and caring people . . . a somewhat circular discussion, as because we are compassionate and caring people we will be involved in compassionate acts and actions!

Jesus said whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me  [Matthew 25:40, NIV]. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada gives many opportunities to compassionate involvement, including providing a “compassionate giving catalogue” for Christmas. Print copies are available; an on-line catalogue can be found by clicking here; giving designated “Compassionate Ministries” through Trinity Church is sent to NCMC. This year’s compassionate ministries offering is designated to the relief work in Haiti.

The Sharing Place (an inner city mission in Toronto) runs a food bank and is seeking donations of cash and food.

We are also looking for winter clothing, especially a pair of men’s winter gloves.

Upcoming Messages

  • Oct      17        Keys to Kingdom Living: inclusive hospitality
  • Oct      24        Keys to Kingdom Living: compassionate action
  • Oct      31        Keys to Kingdom Living: selfless service
  • Nov    7          Keys to Kingdom Living: creative non-violence
  • Nov    14        Keys to Kingdom Living: simple living
  • Nov    21        Interlude: Matt sharing
  • Nov    28        Direction – Gabriel
  • Dec     5          Lost – the Not-so-Wise Men
  • Dec     12        Surprise Find – the Shepherds
  • Dec     19        Visited – our District Superintendent shares
  • Dec     24        Christmas Eve: Found – by Jesus
  • Dec     26        Reflections . . . the year past