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the I can’t believe that summer is over edition

September 07, 2021

And here we are. The beginning of September. Already! Where in the world did the summer go? It was just June, wasn’t it? And yet here we are, post-Labour Day.

Which means it’s back to school time! Which means it’s be careful on the streets time . . . for both drivers and walkers. So when you’re on the road (whether on foot or behind the wheel), watch out for one another. Slow down and pay attention! (Thus endeth the Public Service Announcement).

Students are not the only ones returning to school . . . teachers are about to face big changes – again. The demands of in-class learning / teaching have grown. There is the normal end-of-summer catch-up time which is magnified because of the abnormal spring non-class time. And the getting used to masks, santizing, and social distancing in the classroom. And . . . things that I am not aware of but I’m sure will arise. Remember those who are in class this September!

And when we think of students, we are aware not only of those in the public school system but also of those in post-secondary education returning to lectures and labs . . . and the changes and challenges they face there.

Remember those who work in day care settings. While many school teachers have been involved with on-line learning, day care workers have actively and personally cared for young children during the pandemic . . . with government regulations and expectations changing weekly.

Remember those who are not in class but are part of our school system – the support staff at our schools. They too have added responsibilities this year.

And speaking of support staff, remember those who work in long term care homes and in hospitals. And an aside, what’s with protesting outside of hospitals and harranging doctors and nurses – those who only give of themselves to care for those who are ill?

Sigh. Here we are, still mid-COVID, in the midst of another wave. When will it end and when will we return to normal, you ask. As do I! We just press on, hoping that next September we’ll be able to participate in and record summer church activities instead of just noting what we missed (we did last year as well). This summer . . . no lawn chair service, no pool party, no games on the lawn . . . and this September no welcome back party, no fellowship potluck with the members of the community garden . . . no nothing!

Although slowly we begin to plan for the days ahead . . .  

In our last Musings I let you know that I would be in Saskatchewan over the long weekend for my “adopted mother’s” funeral. It was a wonderful day celebrating a life well lived, although bittersweet because of the loss.  Mae Kanhai was another of those people of whom you would say “if you look up the word ‘saint’ in the dictionary you’ll see her picture” – and I was a recipient of that sainthood. She and her husband Roy took in a young high school student from the streets, gave him a home, and showed him Jesus. I am forever in their debt . . . and I am not alone: many people learned about love through how they lived. I only pray that I emulate her example (I fear I fail far too often).  

Trinity Church is blessed with an abundance of young people who are taking on the mantle of leadership in the church. They believe in the church. They believe in the church! We appreciate their willingness to take on the responsibilities of this small part of God’s Kingdom work, as they participate on the board, on the worship team, and in the pulpit and pastoral ministry. This summer both Johania and Matt led our services. Continue to pray for them as the search for God’s guidance as to their place in Kingdom (and church) work. I appreciate Johania’s ministry this past Sunday.

Our fall series begins this coming Sunday. We’ll be looking at Keys to Kingdom Living . . . beginning with a challenge to radical love. Our service format will change (I’d like to say “slightly”): we are planning for fewer songs at the beginning of the service, our message to start earlier than it has been (at 11:15am), and an extended song session following the message. We will evaluate this format in the future.

We are planning Tuesday as a get-together-to-learn night. Each Tuesday there will be a different opportunity to study/discuss/learn. I know that life is busy, but join us as you can through the month:

  •             1st Tuesday: Young Adult Question and Answer
  •             2nd Tuesday: “Traditional” Bible Study
  •             3rd Tuesday: Book Study/Discussion
  •             4th Tuesday: a Discussion of Biblical Proportions (misunderstood verses)

E-mail the church for Zoom links.

In September’s book study we will (begin to) look at Jesus Is ___, by Judah Smith. Click here to order the book from Chapters (it should only take a few days to arrive). Come with questions of your own as we talk about and learn from the challenges offered.

The “Discussion of Biblical Proportions” would normally be the last Tuesday of the month; however, I am unable to lead that night, so for September only we will meet together Thursday (September 30).

We continue to meet Wednesday evenings for a time of prayer together, though ZOOM (e-mail the church for the link). Please feel free to join us as we unite our hearts to meet with God (and He with us).

The musical group JCL (Jesus Christ Living) has asked if they can lead in praise and worship in a more informal evening setting. Their first “concert” is scheduled for 7:00 pm September 26 (note date change). They will lead from the sanctuary; for those who cannot attend in person, the musical evening will also be streamed from our Facebook and YouTube sites.  

Each month, along with our regular tithes and offerings, we have an opportunity to give to a special church mission project. September’s emphasis is the Alabaster Offering. Based on the selfless giving of the woman who broke a flask of expensive perfume and poured it on Jesus [Matthew 26], we receive a special offering each September, used for the work of the Kingdom world-wide.

Money raised through this offering is used to purchase land and to build churches, schools, medical facilities, and homes for missionaries and national workers.

We will receive our offering through the month, and specifically on September 26.

Upcoming Messages

  • Sep   12   Keys to Kingdom Living: radical love
  • Sep   19   Keys to Kingdom Living: a passion for justice
  • Sep   26   Keys to Kingdom Living: lavish generosity
  • Oct     3   Keys to Kingdom Living: extravagant forgiveness
  • Oct   10   thanks for . . . our Thanksgiving message
  • Oct   17   Keys to Kingdom Living: inclusive hospitality
  • Oct   24   Keys to Kingdom Living: compassionate action
  • Oct   31   Keys to Kingdom Living: selfless service
  • Nov    7   Keys to Kingdom Living: creative non-violence
  • Nov  14   Keys to Kingdom Living: simple living
  • Nov  21   Interlude: Matt sharing


Here’s an interesting thought shared by Danea Zeigle. . .


I’m far from comfortable with the COVID-19 lifestyle. It’s lonely not being able to see my friends. It’s financially stressful to not be working. It’s honestly boring to be unable to travel and stuck in a house all day. However, I’m reminded that there’s actually a gift to being uncomfortable right now. The beauty of discomfort and disruption is that it’s an invitation to reveal and refine our false senses of security, our temporary comforts and our circumstantial peace.


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