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Trinity Church is part of the Church of the Nazarene, a Protestant church with Wesleyan roots. The denomination began in Los Angeles in the late 1800s as a centre of compassion in the inner city. Within a few short years the denomination grew, and today the International Church of the Nazarene operates in 160 countries world-wide, and is well-known for involvement in compassionate ministry and responding to the love of God for all people by loving and caring for others.

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The Local Church

Trinity Church moved to her current location in Riverview Park-Alta Vista in 1968, a merger of First Church that met in the Glebe and Grace Church that met in Westborough. As a "community within the community" or a community hub, we are active in Riverview Park. The English congregation meets Sundays at 11:00 am for worship and celebration and an Hispanic congregation meets at 3:00 pm. Trinity Church also hosts the Alta Vista Cooperative Nursery School and a community garden. We continue to work with the Blair Court Community House and we operate a FreeShare Depot [making "gently used" items available to those who have need].

As a congregation, Trinity Church strives to have a positive Christian influence in our community and in our society. Those who are believers in the Christian faith are challenged and encouraged so that they may be strong in what they believe. Those who are not practicing Christians are welcome to be a part of Trinity Church to discover how a relationship with Jesus can be life changing. As a compassionate community of believers we care for one another and for others, meeting physical, social, and emotional needs as well as spiritual.

The Trinity congregation is committed to sharing God's love, grace, and peace with others. We are a friendly congregation, ready to laugh with one another in good times and to cry with one another in sad times. And we are a congregation that is committed to honour God in all that we do.

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